Mar 12, 2014

Can you identify this woman?

For the past few months we’ve been encouraging people to identify the people in photographs from our Local History Collection. You can see the pictures online here.

Recently someone told us that the woman in this photograph is probably Nancy Capicchiano. Apparently Nancy, the Australian born daughter of parents who immigrated to Australia from the Italian Aeolian Islands in the 1890s, lived with her family in Shuter Street Moonee Ponds, near Puckle Street. Later she married Felice Marturano who worked at the Morabito Italian grocer in Margaret Street.

Alternately, online we've been told that it might be Ethel Verdun May, daughter of local shopkeeper Albert George Tuckerman. Ethel married John "Jack" Fisher.

So is it Ethel or is it Nancy? Or someone else entirely.

Can anyone confirm who is in this picture? If you knew either Nancy or Ethel, and can confirm that this is (or isn't) either of them, or that it is somebody else, please let us know. You can use the "Contact us" link to right to email me, or if you call or visit Sam Merrifield Library and ask for Julia or Jennie, we'd love to find out what you know.


Note: 13/03/14, We've already heard from members of the Capicchiano family who are sure that the woman shown above is not Nancy Capicchiano.


Lenore Frost said...

The name Tuckerman appears on the top of the shop window, so it would seem more likely to be someone associated with the Tuckerman family than the Capicchianos. Other possible persons would be the wives of the Tuckerman boys, the eldest of whom was also a fruiterer. A photo of either families would solve the mystery!

Moonee Valley Library Services said...

Thanks Lenore, yes the Capicchiano family have confirmed that it is not Nancy, but may still be Ethel or perhaps someone in the Tuckerman family. Julia.