Aug 13, 2019

Happy Family History Month, Moonee Valley

To celebrate Family History Month this August, we're having a guest speaker, Jane Davies, who will speak about the pros and cons of DNA testing at Sam Merrifield Library on Tuesday 27th August.

We'll also have a session on researching Family History Online at Avondale Heights library on August 21.

Both events are free, but bookings are essential. Book here.

In other family history news, Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria are offering discounted ($20) uncertified historical certificates for the month of August. Find them online here.

And in excellent news for anyone with Irish Catholic heritage, the National Library of Ireland have made 400,000 parish records freely available online, covering the period from the 1740s-1880s. See:

Happy family history researching this August all.

Jun 20, 2019

New (old) Maps Online - Detailed Ordnance Maps of England and Wales: 1842-1952

The National Library of Scotland has launched a huge new collection of English and Welsh historical maps online that are likely to be very useful for many people researching family history who happen to have British ancestry.

The maps are Ordnance Survey maps produced between 1842 and 1952.

You can use a catalogue of place names, modern street names, postcodes and grid reference to find the map/s you need. And they are zoomable, so you can zoom in on the detail of your area of interest once you've got your bearings.

The Ordnance Survey six-inch maps are the most detailed maps ofEngland and Wales, showing features such as rivers, roads, railways, fields, fences and buildings.

There is also great potential for seeing how places have changed, often quite rapidly, particularly as you have the option of using the "map group tool" to look at an area from the 1840s up until 1952.

Access at:

Mar 8, 2019

For Country, for Nation - An illustrated history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service

For Country, for Nation - An illustrated history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander military service, published by the Australian War Memorial, tells the fascinating story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples service in the defence of Australia, dating back to before Federation.

It includes service in all conflicts and operations in which the nation's military forces have been involved, and is a fascinating book to flip through, or read cover to cover.

Sep 27, 2018

What to do with your political pamphlets and how-to-vote cards

The State Library of Victoria have put out a call out to save all 2018 State Election (24th November) campaign material received over the coming weeks.

By collecting pamphlets, how-to-vote cards and candidate posters relating to the 2018 State Election we can ensure Victoria's political history is illuminated for generations of researchers. Better than just throwing things into the recycling bin!

It's easy to donate - just post items to:

Riley & Ephemera Collection
c/o Victorian & Australian Published Collections
Collection Development & Discovery
State Library of Victoria
328 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Quote DX 210089, to post items free of charge.

Donors should include their name and contact details if they would like an acknowledgment of their donation. Unfortunately we can only accept hardcopy donations (not scanned copies, or photographs).

To read more about the Riley & Ephemera Collection, which includes materials relating to grassroots, international, and government campaigns, dating from the 1890s to today, visit:


They want printed election campaign material: leaflets, how-to-vote cards, letters to constituents, stickers, badges or posters. Basically anything printed to promote a party of candidate, or to lobby on election issues. No items – or issues – is too small.

Original published material, rather than photocopies, scans or digital files

The collection emphasises ephemera published in Victoria, and material relating to Victorian events, people and institutions. This includes Victorian state and local government elections and Victorian seats in federal handbills, as well as protests, activism, social justice and alternative viewpoints in Victoria.

The State Library of Victoria collects a variety of materials relating to:
· activism
· trade unions
· environmental groups
· feminist organisations
· anti-war groups
· student organisations
· anti-poverty groups
· grassroots campaigns and campaigners
· other radical, dissident, advocacy or protest groups

What about ephemera from past elections?

Yes! They are always looking to fill gaps in the collection.

Why does the State Library think it’s important to archive these ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ items?

Ephemera provides an important record of Victorian social life, customs, popular culture and political viewpoints. When ephemeral items are collected and saved, they offer a window into the events, beliefs, and design styles of a point in time. They also document the policies of political parts and politicians over time.

Even though it is produced in vast quantities during a campaign, this material is quickly discarded or recycled.

It is used in many ways by many people, including students, historians, journalists, biographers – and sometimes even politicians themselves.

The Library have published a guide to finding items in the Riley & Ephemera Collection, called Protests, activism & dissent in Victoria:

Sep 14, 2018

Early aerodromes of Melbourne

Aviation has played a pivotal role in the history of Moonee Valley. Roger Meyer from the Civil Aviation Authority will present an illustrated talk on the history of aerodromes around Melbourne featuring the Essendon Airport.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

6.30 - 7.30pm

At Niddrie Library, 483 Keilor Rd Niddrie, Victoria 3042

Please contact library staff in person or call 8325 1925 if you require access for a wheelchair or disability scooter before attending an event so that we can ensure appropriate seating is arranged.
Book Online: