May 26, 2017

A few local documentaries...

You may or may not realise that we have a whole lot of online content that is freely available for our library members. The newest addition to this range lets you watch streaming videos, it's a product called Kanopy.

There's all kinds of films and documentaries on Kanopy, from around the World.

There is even local content. Check out Community Cop a doco from 2009 which follows a policeman at the Flemington High Rise Estate. Or if high fashion is more your thing, try Harry Halim & Betty Jackson & J'Aton to find out about the J'Aton label which started with a shop in Ascot Vale and now sell their gowns to celebrity clients worldwide. Our very own Avondale Heights Library even features, in an episode of the Sacred Spaces architecture series from 2013. Just look for the doco called Avondale Heights Library.

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