Mar 23, 2017

Federal Gazettes, 1901-1957, on Trove

The wonderful Trove has recently added a great new resource: the Commonwealth of Australia Government Gazette from 1901-1957 is now available, and is even fully text searchable.

A notice advising of the retirement of a postmistress from Flemington

The Gazettes publicized a broad range of governmental administrivia as it happened, creating fascinating snapshots of the workings of the Australian federal government.

And as they are text searchable they could be an interesting source for family history. Government appointments are listed, as well the results of public service exams and the names of people taking out Australian citizens, so there is great potential to find out a little more about the lives and work of any ancestors who had interactions with the Australian government.

You'll find all kinds of notices: tender statements, governmental appointments, colonial despatches and legal decisions.

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