Sep 2, 2016

Gotta find out about Local History!

Do you know much about the history of Moonee Valley? Do you know about the monuments and historical markers that are all around us? If you don't then you might want to start playing Pokemon Go!

That's right, Pokemon Go! can teach you all about the history and culture of Moonee Valley and other parts of Melbourne and beyond. The game uses historical markers to get people walking and rewards them for visiting the markers.

Did you know about the Maud Ripper Memorial, or the history of the Curator's Cottage in Queen's Park? What about the plaques to Destroyers from the Second World War and the historic flood markers along the Maribyrnong River?

By playing Pokemon Go people of all ages are discovering their local area and some of the important historical markers and monuments that they hold. So if you have nothing planned this weekend, download Pokemon and discover the history of Moonee Valley.

For a first-hand account of a person's discovery of their local area's history read:

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