Oct 21, 2015

Remembrance Day Memories - Steve

What Remembrance Day means to me is taking the time to reflect on the horror of the First World War and trying to think about what people must have gone through then. However as I have grown up I have seen the day change from a day where we stood still in the playground , to one where we don’t stop and reflect at all.

I can remember working one day a few years ago and asking my boss if we were going to stop and pause for Remembrance Day like I always had done growing up. The response I got was that they didn’t do that as people who were visiting were not going to stop so why should we?

I don’t know what caused this change in public opinion about the day, but I think people care more about ANZAC Day than they do Remembrance Day.
Image Sourced from: Chris Radburn, Press Association Images, Britannica Image Quest

Steve is the Local History and Information Services Librarian at Sam Merrifield Library.
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