Oct 13, 2015

Remembrance Day Memories Project

Remembrance Day is a reminder to us all of the cost of war and allows people the time to reflect upon this. However as time has passed Remembrance Day has gone from being the National day of memory for all wars to being sidelined by the more popular ANZAC day.

As part of Moonee Valley Libraries Remembrance Day program we want to ask you a question:

"What does Remembrance Day mean to you?"

Image created by: Cole Bennetts / Getty Images
We want to know what it means to you and what are your memories of this national day of remembrance. How has it changed? Do you pause? Should we do more to ensure it's relevance? Has your opinion on the day changed?

We want to hear your stories about Remembrance Day. We are asking for people to become Guest Bloggers of this blog and to tell your story to other people. We are looking for as many posts as possible in the lead up to Remembrance Day so don't delay. There will be no word limit, but we ask that you write about your thoughts on the Day and what it means to you personally.

To submit your posts please email: swright@mvcc.vic.gov.au

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