Sep 12, 2014

Tips for Getting Started with your Family History Research

Here is the list of tips for getting started with your family history research compiled by the group on Tuesday 9th September.

- label and store original documents in acid-free sleeves
- record where you found information including date, details and source
- decide what you are going to research
  • which family 
  • how much detail 
  • start with yourself and work backwards 
- decide the purpose of your research
  • database of names and dates
  • family tree
  • photo album
- decide who it is for
  • your immediate family
  • wider family members
  • copy to the State Library
- scan all photos to your computer and write in pencil on the back of each one including all known names and dates
- make your tree 'private' until you know your way around the program
- back-up or copy all documents and files

Topic of next meeting - Tuesday 16th September
The group is planning to look at different software options - online and free.
Come and join this lively discussion - 2pm at Sam Merrifield Library.

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