Aug 19, 2014

The War that Changed Us

If you're interested in how the First World War affected Australia don't miss the ABC's new documentary, The War that Changed Us, tonight. It will be looking at the war experiences of 6 Australians (3 men and 3 women) who had very different experiences of the war.

One of the people they will be focusing on is Lieutenant Colonel Harold Elliott, better known as "Pompey" Elliott, who reached the rank of Brigadier General. This should be fascinating because Elliott had an outstanding but often controversial life and career. Although he was originally from Ballarat, and never lived in Essendon, as commander of the "Essendon Rifles" before the war, and leader of the Battalion that included the Company recruiting from the Essendon area at the start of the war he had very strong ties to this area. Which is why we've also chosen to feature Elliott in our event Essendon 1914: local impact of WWI this Saturday, which will look at how World War I affected the area that is now Moonee Valley.

Pompey Elliott

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