Aug 17, 2014

Moonee Valley Libraries' Family History Group is up and running...

The first meeting of our new Family History Group, on Tuesday afternoon, was attended by 30 participants. The group decided on an ongoing meeting time of Tuesdays 1-3pm. These drop-in sessions will be held every week at Sam Merrifield Library, with no need for bookings. Each week the group will focus on a pre-determined topic for the first hour, and the second hour will be open for free discussion, chat and/or research.

The discussion topics for the first 4 weeks are as follows:

    Week 1 (19 Aug): Show and tell: family heirlooms/quick stories
    Week 2 (26 Aug): Library resources for family history
    Week 3 (2 Sep): Dealing with brick walls in your research. What obstacles have you hit in your research? What tips do you have on overcoming “brick walls”?
    Week 4 (11 Sep): Tools for keeping track of your research. What tool/s do you use to record your research? Can be software/online or other methods (files/notebooks/other)? What are your tips, tricks or recommendations?


Infolass said...

Congratulations on getting this group up and running. May everyone have lots of great discoveries.

Moonee Valley Library Services said...

Thanks Infolass! The response from the community has been very enthusiastic, so hopefully the group will take off.

Penelope Haren said...

If you are coming next week we will be looking at starting out and recording information. If you have examples of how your family history has been written up please bring it along so others can see the options.