Jul 10, 2014

Could this couple be the Dundases of Flemington?

A library visitor has told us that the couple in these unidentified wedding pictures might be Fred and Ann (or Anne) Dundas of Wellington Street, Flemington.

I've been able to find out a little about the Dundas family. They lived in a grand house on Wellington Street named "Misteria" in the 1890s. Frederich was born in Mansfield in 1855, and became a wool and skin trader. Fred and Ann/e married relatively late, and had about three children. Ann/e is believed to have outlived Fred, living into her 90s. I haven't been able to find is any pictures of Fred and Ann/e to confirm it they really are the couple in our photos.

If there is anyone out there who could confirm that this is (or isn't) Fred and Ann/e Dundas, please contact the library. And please, if you know anyone who maybe knew the Dundases, please share this post!

Also, if you'd like to see more of the "unidentified photos" in our collection, and perhaps help identify some of the people, take a look at our Who do you think we were? Pinterest board.


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