May 1, 2013

Emerald Street Community Centre

Anyone traveling along Hoffmans Road in Essendon cannot have failed to notice the unique triangular shaped building that sits proudly on stilts in the Emerald Street Park. The Emerald Street Community Centre was  erected in 1963 as an infant welfare centre, and was designed by Garnet Price, the Shire Engineer and Building Surveyor to the Shire (later City) of Keilor. The visually striking steel substructure was designed to provide adequate and stable foundations on land that had originally been a creek bed.

The building was used for its original purpose as an infant welfare centre until the mid 1980's when the birth rate in the area dropped. The building was subsequently converted into a community centre for meetings, education and other community functions. It is a striking example of modern architecture,  visible and interesting from all angles.

If you would like further information on this historically significant site, Victorian Heritage Database provides an interesting overview.

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