Apr 11, 2013

From the Essendon Gazette

In April 1942 articles in the Essendon Gazette reflected the unease felt in the community as Australia faced war on her doorstep.

 Mr T. Pidd, the Defence Training Inspector at Essendon Technical School, drew up plans for a stirrup pump capable of pumping water out of air raid shelters. The pump was made by modifying a car pump, and his blue prints were made available to the public for 3/-
Lighting restrictions were also in place. Inside lighting was only permissible if curtains, drapes or blinds obscured the windows. No  light was to be seen outside  a building between sunset and dawn. Residents were instructed to be ready to observe a total blackout at a moments notice.
You can view the original articles from  the Essendon Gazette dated 16/04/1942.
Available on microfilm in the Sam Merrifield Library.

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