Jan 9, 2013

Essendon Historical Society Life Member

Lenore Frost has been made a Life Member of the Essendon Historical Society in recognition of her valuable contribution and dedication to the organization. 

Lenore joined the Essendon Historical Society in 1991 and has been a highly respected and very active member. She is the author of several publications including Murder and Misfortune on the Mt. Alexander Road, Searching for Mary Anne: researching women ancestors in Australia and more recently   Bandsman Vosti’s Diaries: war and peace in Essendon. 

Lenore was President of the Society from 2005-2008, having been on the Committee since 1996. She edited the Essendon Historical Society Newsletter for 12 years and she was a member and later Chair of the Museum Committee and then Museum Curator.

Congratulations Lenore.

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