Jul 29, 2010

Burke and Wills - 150th Anniversary

Queens Park, Moonee Ponds is recognised as the site where Burke and Wills made camp on the first night of their fateful journey in 1860. In this year of the 150th anniversary The State Library of Victoria has an interesting collection of Burke and Wills material; and for those who think that they might have had family involved, note the sections Eager Explorers and Portraits with the list of applicants and participants. Wikipedia has many pages about the people involved. A search for 'Burke and Wills trail' at Picture Australia results in 12 images. There are more articles about the Expedition on the National Library of Australia's website: Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803 to 1854. Many celebrations are being planned for the 150th Anniversary and a good starting point to see what is planned is the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. The expedition is sponsored by the Royal Society of Victoria.


Lenore said...

Just for the record, the Burke & Wills celebrations are being conducted by the Royal Society of Victoria - which is a distinct organisation form the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
The RSV is the scientific organisation which put together the plans for the expedition.

Moonee Valley Library Service said...

Thanks Lenore, have added that the RSV has organised the expedition. The post is a general overview of activities that are happening for the anniversary.