Nov 19, 2009

Letters of a Nation

Communication between families and friends prior to the telephone, telegrams and the internet was in the form of letterwriting, Australia Post has selected 200 significant letters that reflect what life was like for Australians from 1809 to 2009, this is part of their bicentenary activities in celebration of Australia Post. The letters have been collected from cupboards and files from all over the country and brought together in an interactive timeline and archive. You can view the Top 200 Letters and the Letters Archive of letter submissions, some of these letters are from prominent Australians of the past such as the artist Arthur Streeton to a more recent request in February 2009 from a year 6 student at Eagle Junction State School in Queensland for merchandise from Australia Post and lots of letters from soldiers at war. Searches can be made by categories from Friendship/Marriage/Romance, Migration, War, Science/Technology/Research/Innovation and lots more. If you are interested in researching a period you can search by era covering the period from 1809-1849 up to 2000-2009. For more information about this project visit the Australia Post at

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