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This blog is about researching family and local history and the local history of Moonee Valley, a municipality in Melbourne's North West.

It is maintained by staff at Moonee Valley Libraries.


Ray Gibb said...

When the Hume libraries were under the control of the Moonee Valley Regional Library with Elizabeth Jackson as the C.E.O., I accessed THE SHIRE THAT TOOK OFF in the local history drawers at the Sam Merrifield Library. Is this unpublished history of the Shire of Bulla by Grant Aldous still there or was it sent to the Hume Global Learning Centre?

Moonee Valley Library Services said...

Thanks Ray, From a quick search of our catalogue it looks as though this is a title we no longer hold, and it may be that we donated it to Hume as you have suggested. I will conduct a more detailed search for you next week and let you know. I don't have contact details for you, so it might also be a good idea to email us your inquiry, to librarian@mvcc.vic.gov.au . Thanks, Julia (Info Services and Local History Librarian).