Feb 8, 2014

Horses and history

Do you remember milk being delivered by horse and cart? If you've lived in Essendon awhile, it's not unlikely that you do. Remarkably, the Tighe family who ran the Lincoln Park Dairy, were still making milk deliveries in Essendon with a Clydesdale driven cart until 1987, decades after horse-drawn deliveries had ended in most suburbs!

The National Museum are now preparing an exhibition about horses in Australia that will feature the Tighe's yellow cart. And Essendon Historical Society members provided information and memories about the Tighe family milk delivery service that Museum staff found so fascinating they decided to make a documentary featuring them which will be part of the show.

Painting of Princess and Pat Tighe delivering milk in Essendon, by Susan Dowling, (from the Magic1278 blog).

You can read more about this story, and see a wonderful image of the Tighe's horse and cart, in the Moonee Valley Leader of 27th January 2014 (page 11).

Congratulations to the Essendon Historical Society for making such a wonderful contribution!


PS. If you have memories of these horse-drawn milk deliveries that you would like to share with the National Museum, email Martha Sear: marthasear@nma.gov.au

And of course if you'd like to share any memories or pictures of the Moonee Valley area with your local community, I'm always interested to hear from you. Send an email to librarian@mvcc.vic.gov.au, or call or visit the Library and ask for Julia.


Jenny Macaffer said...

There was a Travoncore dairy in Robertson street in 1940's and it delivered milk around mponds . The horse and cart with clydsdale horse and the cart had blown up rubber tyres so it didnt make so much noise on the road. When the milky came to our house we would leave the billy out with a note asking for 1 or 2 pints. When the milky came early in the morning he would have 2 gallon buckets and ladle to spoon out the milk and it would wake me up in the early hours of the morning.

Malcolm Macaffer

Moonee Valley Library Services said...

Thanks for sharing this memory Malcolm! Julia.

Jill and Ray said...

I remember the Tighe family. They delivered milk to my Granny's house in William Street, Essendon. And when we were short of something my Mum would drop into the dairy where I was allowed to ring a litle bell (i think it was hanging on a tap or so ething similar) and one of the Tighe family woukd come out and serve us.

Moonee Valley Library Services said...

Thanks Jill and Ray. Does anyone else remember the bell?