Jul 29, 2013

Introducing myself

Hello Moonee Valley Family & Local History Blog readers,

My name is Julia. Some of you may know me already, as I've been working here for over a year now as Information Services Librarian. I've recently been given responsibility for looking after the family and local history collections, which also means I'll be looking after this blog. I thought I should introduce myself, so, hello!

Some of you will also know my colleague Jennie, who has been looking after family and local history for the last few months, and you will no doubt be delighted to hear that Jennie will continue to provide family and local history training sessions, as well as continuing to help with inquiries and with blog posts.

I'm expecting the next few months to be exciting and busy for local and family history at Moonee Valley Libraries. We have several events and workshops coming up, (watch this blog for more details), and we have lots of plans and ideas for the family and local history area. I'll be posting regularly to keep you up to date with all the news...



Lenore Frost said...

Hi Julia, welcome, I hope to meet you soon. Thank you Jennie for your support over the past months.

Best wishes,


Jill Ball said...

Welcome to the Blogisphere, Julia. I'll look forward to reading your posts.