Oct 29, 2010

Social Media Sites for Family History

The Genealogy in New South Wales blog has posted a guide to the Top 10 Social Sites for Family Historians put together by Carole Riley. The alphabetical listing has a short description about each site. Try some out and see what you can find, happy searching.

Oct 28, 2010

History & Genealogy Road Show 2010

This event will come to Melbourne on the 12th and 13th November, 2010 at The Centre, Ivanhoe, 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.

Speakers from overseas and Australia, as well as trade exhibitions.

The Genealogical Society of Victoria will be having an offsite bookshop.

For more details and to pre book visit Unlockthepast website.

Oct 26, 2010

Leader Community Newspapers is a Walkley finalist

Diamond Valley Leader photojournalist Andy Drewitt's feature "A trail of lost souls" is the story of Melbourne genealogist Kath Ensor and her research into the records of mental institutions. Her work into the effects of institutionalisation as a PhD student at Monash University in Clayton, Ms Ensor found that the lost lives were a reality of the modern-day mental health system. Her focus was on two men, Frank and Norman and their battles with schizophrenia. The article may be viewed on the Newsbank database via the library's Online Library.

Oct 21, 2010

Book Launch on Monday 25th October, 2010

The Essendon Historical Society announces the launch of The Fine Homes of Essendon and Flemington (1846-1880). This 96 page book traces the stories of 36 manison homes of the district and the families that occupied them. Lavishly illustrated with rare photographs that evoke the elegance of the era. Fully indexed. Cost $25.00 postage $4.00. The launch is at 10am Monday 25th October at The Old Courthouse, 768 Mt. Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds. Professor Miles Lewis, AM, Professor in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Melbourne will speak at the launch. Morning tea provided. RSVP by 20th October on 9370 4607.

Oct 15, 2010

October is History Week

Once again The Victorian Historical Society of Victoria has put together a great program from the 24th - 31st October to celebrate the history of Victoria's past. Please make sure you jump online http://www.historyweek.org.au/ and have a look at the interesting and varied activities that are available.

New Local History CD - Patients in Melbourne Hospital 1856-1905

This new CD is an index of 49,552 names in the Melbourne Hospital (now The Royal Melbourne Hospital) Ward Books. There are 451 Ward Books which have been indexed for this CD. These books are held at the Public Records Office Victoria (PROV). Every indexed name is hyperlinked to a set of details extracted from that patient's medical records in the Ward Book. To access this information you need to book the Local History PC at the Sam Merrifield Library, Moonee Ponds Ph. 8325 1950.

Oct 12, 2010

Maribyrnong River

London has the Thames, Paris the Seine, New York the Hudson and Melburnians living in the north west have the other river the Maribyrnong River one of Melbourne's major urban waterways. The name is derived from mirring-gnay-bir-nong, said to mean "I can hear a ringtail possum' in the local Woiwurrung language. The Maribyrnong winds through Keilor, Sunshine, Essendon and Footscray, then flows into the Yarra near Port Melbourne. For many years it has been a source of industry, recreation, vegetation and Aboriginal archaeological sites. In 1940, an Aboriginal Skull was found during excavation on dry creek near the Maribyrnong in Keilor; it has been dated to about 15,000 years old. Further investigations have unearthed evidence of campsites as old as 40,000 years. Prior to this discovery the explorers James Fleming, Charles Grimes were on a survey of Bass Strait and Port Phillip in February, 1803 when they launched a small rowing boat from their ship and made their way up the Maribyrnong River. After the goldrushes of the the 1850's industries were established along the river to provide employment for returning miners. The industries that developed in the area were slaughterhouses, boiling down works, tanneries, glue works, bone mills, a wool washer and a soap works on the Maribyrnong by the 1860's. Despite the industry and the pollution, there were places to enjoy along the river. A popular place for relaxation after a working week was the Riverview Tea Gardens operated by the Hicks family that began in 1909 and provided kiosks, a dance hall and pleasure cruises on their boat 'River Queen'. These activities operated throughout the 1920's and '30s; closed during the Second World War and ceased to operate in 1947 due to a lack of interest. Peter Somerville of the Blackbird River Cruises started cruises in 1979 and has seen the return of birds, fish, penguins, seals and the occasional dolphin.
For more information see -

Maribyrnong Action in Tranquillity by Olwen Ford & Pamela Lewis

Maribyrnong Record: Past Images of the River by Judy Maddigan and Lenore Frost

The Vertical File in the Sam Merrifield Local History Room has newspaper clippings, photographs and a resource kit on the Maribyrnong River.

Oct 11, 2010

Local History Vertical File @ Sam Merrifield Library

The library is currently undertaking a review of the vertical file in order to make it more accessible to library users. This is a long term project that involves weeding, adding key word searches and re-cataloguing of some items in the collection. Any ideas or feedback would be welcome.

Oct 1, 2010

Victorian Seniors Festival at the GSV

Free Talks and Open Day
Seniors card and bookings essential
Monday October 4th Researching Scottish Ancestors 11.00am-12midday
Wednesday October 6th Researching Irish Ancestors 2.00pm-3pm
Saturday October 9th Family History Library Open Day including Beginners Talk 10am-4pm
The GSV is located at Level B1, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne Ph: 662 4455 Fax: 9663 0841