Dec 23, 2011

Start your Family Tree Week

The end of an old year and start of a new year is sometimes the perfect time to delve into your family history.  The findmypast database will offer from Boxing Day until New Year's Day activities, guides and charts on how best to research your family tree. Findmypast database is only available for use at the Moonee Valley Library Service.  The libraries will be open from the 28th December to 31st December, 2011, so why not book into use this fantastic database.

Dec 19, 2011

Flemington Association Website

The Flemington Association website is now up and running.  Jump onto the website and learn more about Flemington's 200 year history through their timeline and stories, Flemington personalities past and present, discover the heritage walks and get involved in the community of Flemington.

Dec 16, 2011

New Local History Book

'Daisy Chain': memories of a young marriage"by Marie Henkel is the second volume of her life story. Daisy Chain focuses on her time raising six children under five, being one of the first women to continue to be employed as a teacher in Victoria after her marriage. This book provides a glimpse into the lives of women in the 1950/60's in Australia. Marie's first book Wind Flowers: a series of short stories reflecting on her youth are both available at the Moonee Valley Library Service.

51 Links for Australian Military History and Research

The following link is a fascinating and helpful link to websites that will assist in researching Australian Military History.  Included are sites you'll find on Facebook and well as more traditional sites such as National Archives of Australia and War Memorials in Australia. 

51 Links for Australian Military History and Research

Dec 5, 2011

New book on the Irish in Australia

'Not just Ned: a true history of the Irish in Australia'  by Richard Reid.  This book tells the history of the Irish in Australia and their influence through a collection of rate and precious objects, documents, paintings, drawings and photographs.  This book is the catalogue for the exhibition held at the National Museum Australia in 2011.